11 pt setting in Preferences?

  • Hm, sounds not so easy. The point sizes shown here are declared in TCtrlC.goh als follows:

    We not only have to add a value, but also check and extend the code of the associated controller.
    In addition, it is not sure whether the bitmap fonts such as Berkeley will support the 11 pt size.

    Maybe we can add custom size? But I'm not sure about that.


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  • I would guess the bitmap fonts may be the biggest problem. The fontsizes in Rainer’s file are classical font size and in classical typesetting there weren't 11 pt. Hence probably there’s no 11 pt bitmap font.

  • Well, if this is a big issue, then we can push it for the future or even forget it😩

    I have changed it manually in geos.ini, but it seems that when I put it to 11 pt, it shows 10 pt size. I have compared it with 10 pt size, and I can't see any difference. Maybe this setting is by design, and there is no 11pt size, or there is no visual difference, that is why there is no 11 pt setting?

    I think we can leave this, at least for the moment, it is better to put the German version together and patch up Geos with the easy updates for a final release.

  • If I remember correctly, the „Appearance“-setting is limited to the font sizes as supported by the bitmap fonts (see Rainer‘s first reply). That’s because the bitmap fonts are/were the default fonts on some devices (PDAs, …).

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