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    hanslse as I remember, there do only exist ONE, so if you search for it on eBay or what will be your preferred Plattform for it, you should find it.
    I looked around and did not find it right now, but found another one from ACER.

    If you need drivers for it, sorry, can not answer it in case of using it in combination with my MacBook Air and I am sure, Apple included all nesessary driver for it, if they are needed.

    right now, I do not habe a cable so I can not check out the ACER adapter.

    Hmm. I checked it out, there is only Mac and Windows drivers for the Apple adapter as far as I can see, no NDIS, ODI or Packet drivers. :(

    I am running Ensemble in 1366x768 resolution in Vesa mode on a modern Lenovo laptop with FreeDOS. There have been issues with FreeDOS on the laptop, which I have sorted out and affected Ensemble, but the problems is fixed. I have PC speaker sound emulated in AC97 mode on the laptop, which is quite pleasent (noiseless) compared to the raw native pc speaker sound. I have very handy driver free (Bios supported) USB support in the laptop. The only thing I really miss is an ethernet port in the laptop. I dream of finding an USB Ethernet NIC supported in FreeDOS. I guess that will never be?

    I have answered this in another thread here. The brackets are missing at the end of line 304 and 305. The line 303 can be deleted. However, I have another problem, the screen saver will not start in the default configuration. To make it start, I have to open Preferences and into Lights Out, change something, like the time setting, and save it. Then the screen saver will start. I also got a KR-07 the first time I woke up from the screen saver and tried to exit Geos. After a reset of the system, this error is no longer.

    I remember that we had some problems with Last Words at Breadbox. Frank wanted to but a gif of Breadbox Ensemble as the Last Words screen saver, to do that you have to copy the image to the clipbord first. Then open Lights Out in Preferences, and open Last Words. Choose Graphic and paste graphic from clipboard. I also remember that I got KR-07 back then, once, and after reset of the State file, everything worked. I don't know if this only affected me, or it was a bug, but Frank made it to work.

    Hmmm. Also found the erroneus lines in Geos.ini under [Lights Out], but it looks a little bit different in the NC builds:


    AMENGLISH(specific = Last Words

    GERMAN(specific = (Infotext

    Changing it to:

    AMENGLISH(specific = Last Words)

    GERMAN(specific = (Infotext)

    Solves the problem in the NC builds.

    Geos.ini in the latest beta seems corrupted. Ensemble works when replacing Geos.ini with a Geos.ini from the previous beta. I will examine the Geos.ini in the Freedos Editor to see if I can trace the corruption.

    Yes, sure it was insolvency, they filed some Chapter ??. To my knowledge Eastman Kodak was/is? a conglomerate in imaging and they killed off branches doing imaging among other things, if I recall correctly. As a side note, I was at our local photoshop here in Uppsala some weeks ago and a guy was buying analog film and the staff said, sorry, Kodak has ceased to produce that type of film.....

    To be honest - I have no clue how to do this. Where the Clock or TrayApps app end up (left or right) apparently depends on which app loads faster.... I have no clue how to work around this!

    Interesting. I tried to change the order in Geos.ini, but it did not have any effect, but maybe I am misunderstanding?

    I don't like to be a grumpy old man, when you have done such a nice piece of work, and put your hard effort into TrayApps. ;(

    Is it possible to change the position of the digital clock on the taskbar, so it will be to the right on the taskbar?

    Many thanks for your hard work!

    Great description! Now it works for me. Thank you, Locke!

    Actually, I couldn't reproduce the problem. The settings you mentioned work fine with Motif Redux (for me....)

    Okay, that sounds great! Maybe it is some unzipping error of Geos in Freedos? I have noticed that in raspberry pi. I will check the settings again in Geos. Let it be set as solved in Github

    How do I use Tray Apps in Motif Redux? I have tried to set it, but failed. Tray Apps shows in the Task bar, but no icons and nothing else happens. Can someone help me with the settings, preferable explained in "idiot mode" as I have probably made some mistake(s). Thanks in adva ce!

    I have made a mistake. I have set the KR-09 error i reported in Motif Redux as solved at Github by mistake. I replied in the case, but for some reason (ignorance?) I clicked it as solved. Is to possible to reverse this? I am not sure that it is solved.

    Just referring to what happened at Breadbox regarding the registered trademark GeoSafari. GeoSafari was licensed to NewDeal and it was Gene Anderson who worked with it at NewDeal. Frank was hoping that the license would be transferable to Breadbox, no it was not, and to avoid a dispute he asked the owners of the trademark, and they said no. Frank made the decision to change the name to GeoExplorer. As far as I know, the content files was okey to use. They were part of the Kodak Eastman bankcruptsy, and the images used in the content files was some sort of contratual work sold to Kodak Eastman and there was no traceable copyright of the images, if I recall correctly. Frank went on a shopping spree to buy the GeoSafari cards, to scan them and make them gameable in the GeoSafari Geos version. I think there are math games, and geography games. I don't know if Frank was able to finish the games he bought. He showed some to me and John. This is what I remember, regarding GeoSafari. I have also thought of the name and the icon. Why not calling it GeoQuiz and use the owl in the game and create an icon from the owl image?