NewDeal Technical Support Document 221


A list of the error codes in NewDeal software

In NewDeal software there are two kinds of error messages. One kind of error appears in a dialog box, and often suggests ways to recover from the problem, with buttons for you to click on.

The second kind of error message appears as a white box in the center of the screen. Unlike the first kind of error, these boxes do not contain any buttons: you must use the keyboard to respond. In most cases, you have no choice but to exit NewDeal by performing one of the following actions:

All error messages contain an error code. Write down this code in case you need to contact NewDeal Technical Support. Some error messages are caused by a temporary condition. In many cases, you can simply repeat the operation without the error reappearing. If the error occurs consistently, you should notify NewDeal Technical Support. Be prepared to describe exactly what you were doing at the time of the error. Sometimes the error message description is followed by some suggested ways to fix the problem.

The message listed here may differ slightly from the message on your computer screen. If the message includes specific information, such as a file name, this is indicated by a bracketed word. For example:

FM-06: You cannot copy or move [name] to one of its own folders.

On the computer screen, [name] is replaced by the actual name of the file or folder.

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Last Modified 17 Feb 1999