Gonzo still crashes

  • Gonzo still crashes for me, sometimes with KR-07 and sometimes with KR-09. I unzipped the latest ensemble, released 10 hours ago, just out of the box. The only changes I made was to switch the video driver from 800x600 to 1366x768. Gonzo crashes during the setup of the program. I use the 1.2 English version of Gonzo. Any hints?

  • I think I might have found the problem? It seems to be some kind of issue with the os2.geo fs-driver? When I switch to ntfat.geo Gonzo works and is not crashing anymore, but I have to set both the lines fs = ntfat.geo and primaryfsd = ntfat.geo in geos ini to make it stop crashing.

  • I need to claify, I use FreeDOS on "bare metal" as it is called, when you run the operating system on a computer. There is no emulator or DOSBox involved. I guess most people here run it in a DOSBox, and that my way to use PC/Geos is less common today. I think the problem with the os2.geo fs driver might be the mapping of the drives as some people have pointed out. I guess the only way to track this is to have a PC with FreeDOS. But, it might be that the ntfat driver is the right one for FreeDOS, and the os2 driver should be as is?

  • Hi,

    this is basically not related to the file system driver, but the issue effect might be different depending on the configuration.

    The issue is reproducable in FreeGEOS, EC-version.

    It relates to the TrueType driver beeing called for the nice startup logo using the call TrueTypeGenInRegion. It turns out that the allocated additional stack space is not sufficient so random memory becomes trashed.

    Adding more additional stack space makes the issue disappear, at least on my side. This in an TrueType driver issue.


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  • I expected this !

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