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Wrap Text Around Graphics

How to wrap text all around a graphic in a multi-column document in NewWrite without the text getting cut off:

The text frame (column) which contains your text will default to one side of the graphic, usually whichever side contains more space. NewWrite does not automatically support wrapping text on both sides of a graphic utilizing the same text frame (column). You can, however, create new frames to get the text flow you want.

To do this, position your graphic where you want it and let the affected frame default where it wants. If it defaults to the top of the graphic, select the frame and press the letter P. This is a keyboard shortcut for Duplicate in Place. Your duplicate text frame will appear already selected. Simply move it into position below your graphic. Existing text within your columns will automatically reflow into the new frame.

Should the text frame default below the graphic, follow the above procedure but duplicate the frame preceding the frame you want to create. You always duplicate the frame you want text to flow FROM. For instance, if you have a 3-column layout and you need to create a frame to fill a gap in the top of column 2 (because a positioned graphic forced column 2 below your graphic) then you would select the first column in your layout to duplicate, then resize and place the frame above the graphic in column 2.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999