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NewWrite Tabs and Indents

To set a tab, simply click on the ruler with the left mouse button. An arrow for a left-aligned tab will appear at the position you clicked on. To change the tab to a different alignment or to use other advanced tab features, double-click on the tab (or choose Tabs from the Paragraph menu). The Tab Attributes dialog box will appear, where you can set the attributes or position of any tab.

If you set tab lines and leaders via the dialog box, you can then drag and drop them on the tabline via Shift-Click and drag. This copies all the attributes from the current tab to the new one, making the creation of tables, etc. much easier.

Left margin indent

In NewWrite, just below the 0 (zero) in the ruler line, there are two small half arrows. The upper one sets your paragraph indent while the lower one sets your left margin.

If the paragraph indent (the upper half-arrow) is to the left of the left margin (the lower half-arrow), the left margin acts like a tab. This allows you to easily create bullet or numbered paragraphs by placing the paragraph indent where you want the bullets or numbers to start, and the left margin where the text of the paragraph should go, then just type the bullet or number, a tab, and keep typing.

NewWrite will word-wrap the text correctly and line up the left edges of each line at the left margin.

Tab Limitations

NewWrite limits customer-created tab stops to 25 for any paragraph.

When your View is set for Actual Size, tab stops and local margins can be set at 1/8 inch intervals. By switching the View to 200%, you can set tab stops and margins to 1/16 inch tolerances.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999