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NewWrite Page Limit for Pasting Graphics

Early versions of NewWrite do not allow pasting graphics beyond about 250 inches from the top of the document. If you set your page height to 45 inches, then you can't paste graphics beyond page 5. If you set the page height to two inches, then the limitation doesn't show up until around page 125. For the standard 11 inch page, the limit happens at page 24.

If you experience this limitation, upgrade to the newest version of NewWrite. The limitation has been removed starting in Release 3 of NewDeal software.

In the older versions, it's possible to paste a graphic on page 23 and then drag it to a page beyond page 24. It's also possible to create a graphic on any page (beyond page 24) and to copy and paste it on that same page, but it's not possible to copy and then paste it on some other page beyond page 24.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999