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Creating Fractions in NewWrite

Here's a cool way to enter fractions in NewWrite:
  1. Select Superscript in the Styles menu.
  2. Select Plain text from the Styles menu.
  3. Type the special fraction slash: SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+3. (If the special slash does not appear in the font you are using, use the Sather Gothic or the Shattuck Avenue font just for the slash.)
  4. Select Subscript from the Styles menu.
  5. Type the denominator.
If you need, you can adjust the character spacing (kerning) to align the elements of the fraction more precisely.

A suggestion: If you're going to use this fraction often, you might want to save it in a scrapbook.

If you want to preserve your leading (line spacing), try reducing the size of the super- or sub-scripted characters by 3 points for text sizes up to 12 points; experiment with even larger reduction for larger font sizes.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999