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NewWrite, Formatting Imported Text

Some users dislike the way imported ASCII text looks. They say, "Nothing lines up right." They ask, "What can I do?"

In NewWrite, import the text first, then select all the text and switch to the URW Mono font.

Removing Line Breaks

There is a simple way to remove the hard line returns from imported ASCII files. First, it helps to examine the file in NewWrite by turning on Show Invisibles, which you will find under the Options menu. Show Invisibles lets you see formatting attributes like carriage returns, which are represented by a paragraph symbol. Check to see the formatting that delineates paragraphs. Is it two carriage returns? A carriage return and then indented line represented by a tab or a few space characters (spacebar)?

When you have determined paragraph demarcation, use Find & Replace to replace this paragraph attribute with some symbol which does not appear elsewhere in the text (like maybe @@@@@).

After that, you can use Find & Replace to change all carriage return codes to spaces and, finally, change the symbol used to hold each paragraph's place back to two carriage returns or some other paragraph attribute of your choice.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999