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NewWrite Underlines Disappear

When using most fonts in NewWrite, the lines I draw with the underline key either never show on the screen, or disappear when I go to the next line, sometimes reappearing, sometimes not. What can I do?

The situation you describe happens to all of us. Depending on the font and the point size, and depending on the View, the underscore character might not show up on screen except on the line where you are currently working. This is due to a phenomenon called "greeking." If an object is too thin to display at 72dpi (screen resolution), then it will only be displayed while you are editing the line on which it resides.

Here are several tips for getting your underlines to show

Some of these tips will not only make your lines visible, but they may be more appropriate ways to create the lines for certain kinds of documents.
  1. Zoom In. A higher percentage View might force the underlines to show.
  2. Try using a different font or point size for the underscores.
  3. Use Styles, Underline. Instead of hitting SHIFT+hyphen, type spaces. Then select the spaces and apply Styles, Underline.
  4. Use Tab Leaders. Don't use the underscore character, but instead use Tab Leaders.
If you are trying to produce a chart in NewWrite you could enable the Drawing Tools from the Tool Bar and use the graphics tools to help create the chart that you desire.
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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999