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Adding Graphics to a NewWrite Document

Use graphics to add excitement and creativity to your NewWrite documents. One simple way to begin using graphics is by drawing a rectangle around some text.

[screen shot of choosing rectangle tool]

1. Make sure you are in User Level 3 or 4. Select the rectangle tool.

[screen shot of starting to draw

2. Point to where you want to anchor the upper left corner of your rectangle.

[screen shot of drag to lower right 

3. Hold down the left mouse button while you move the mouse until the rectangle is the right size.

[screen shot of black, filled rectangle]

4. Release the mouse button and a black, filled rectangle appears with handles along its borders.

[screen shot of area attributes dialog]

5. Choose Area Attributes from the Graphics menu and the Area Attributes dialog box appears. Click Unfilled, click Apply, then click Close.

[screen shot of line attributes dialog]

6. Click Line Attributes in the Graphics menu. In the Line Attributes dialog box, choose a color for and a size for the line. Then click Apply and click Close.

[screen shot of finished rectangle]

7. The rectangle is complete. If you wish to change it, choose the Select tool, click on the rectangle to select it, then modify its attributes or resize it by dragging its resize handles.

NewWrite provides three ways to add graphics

  1. Draw the image yourself using the graphics tools or menu choices.
  2. Paste a graphic from the clipboard.
  3. Reserve space for a graphic by inserting a Graphic Frame.
A few hints about drawing graphics Some tips about pasting graphics Graphic Frame

Unlike some other software programs, you need not define a space for graphics in your NewWrite document before you insert them, you can simply paste or draw graphics immediately into your document. However, NewWrite also provides an option to Create Graphic Frame in the Layout menu (User Level 2 and above).

A graphic frame is a placeholder for adding graphics later. Perhaps you plan to add pictures to your document after printing it, or maybe your artist is still busy drawing your graphics while you are working on the text portion of the document. In these situations and others, you may wish to use a graphic frame.

By default, Create Graphic Frame lets you draw a simple unfilled rectangle with Wrap Type set to Wrap Around Rectangle. You can change these attributes with items in the Graphics menu.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999