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NewWrite Paragraph Borders

Drawing borders around paragraphs in NewWrite really makes your work look spiffy but it can be just a bit tricky.

The easiest way to have a border around your paragraph is to plan ahead. Before you start typing the paragraph text, select Borders in the Paragraph menu. Then you have to make a decision: one line, two line, shadow top left, custom, or color. Click on the one you want. Your text cursor on the NewWrite page will now be in a rectangular box that represents your paragraph border. Type your entire paragraph.

If you just hit a few carriage returns and type a new paragraph, you will get a single border around both or all paragraphs. If you want to have a border around just the one paragraph, you'll need to get out of that box. Let's say you've just typed the last line of your paragraph. Hit the ENTER key so your cursor is sitting on a blank line. Now chose Paragraph, then Borders. This time pick None. Your border will close at the bottom of the paragraph and your text cursor will be outside of and below the box. You can now continue typing normally.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999