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Watermarks in NewWrite

Making a watermark in NewWrite is pretty simple. Just create the graphic you wish to present as a watermark using the drawing tools in NewWrite, or in NewDraw, or by importing a bitmap into Scrapbook. Paste the graphic in the graphics layer of the NewWrite page. If the graphic is too dark, apply a screen, an area attribute, a draw mode (OR, XOR, AND, etc), or cover it with an all white graphic set to a pattern and/or a fill percentage to get the desired lightness. It's a good idea to print a copy at this point to make sure it's light enough, because this is the last time it'll be easy to change it.

Once you're satisfied with the lightness and appearance of the graphic, select the graphic and its cover screen, if any, (you may have to drag-select and then use the CTRL key and mouse click to deselect the text boxes) and select Graphics, Attributes, Extended Attributes, Annotation. You can then determine whether you want the watermark, in the form of an annotation, to be visible while you're editing your document, or whether you want it to print, or whether you want it selectable and editable, by using the Options, Annotations Options menu.

If you perform these steps on the Master Page (Layout, Edit Master Page), the graphic will appear on every page of your document.

If you create a watermark of, say, 10% density in the middle of the Master Page, it will NOT display on-screen once the Master-Page setup is closed--especially if it's then over-laid with text. But it DOES print out. You could even use the Empty Document feature to include the watermark every time you open a new document.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999