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Dates in Mail Merge


Is there a way to set up a date field in NewCalc or NewFile to be able to export it to the clipboard to be use in a NewWrite merge document? Can it be printed out as a date (example: 4/26/95) instead of the date serial number?


The newest version of NewDeal software has been improved to mail merge number formats better than previous versions. If you do not have the most recent version, contact NewDeal about an upgrade.

Meanwhile, here is a possible work around. If you use number formats or computed data in NewCalc or NewFile and the results do not look as you expect when performing a mail merge in NewWrite, make a backup copy of your NewCalc file and try this. Select the range of dates or other data in NewCalc and copy to the clipboard, paste the clipboard into Text File Editor, and add commas and quotes if necessary using Find/Replace to make the text file into a CSV file. Then import the CSV file into NewCalc and copy/paste it back into the original spreadsheet. The dates or calculated amounts are converted to text strings which will show up as desired in the merge.

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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999