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Exporting a NewWrite File as a Graphic


Is there a way to export a NewWrite file as a graphic for use with another software package?


For black and white IMAGES, you could print to file with the appropriate printer driver and then convert the file to a graphic format with a fax software. For a color document, you could print to a PostScript file and then import the PostScript file into a graphics program that can interpret it, such as the newer versions of CorelDraw.

Another approach is to copy and paste the text into NewDraw and then export it as a graphic of your choice. Results depend on how complex the NewWrite file is. The limit of text regions in NewDraw is about 2500 characters.

How do I keep it from dropping to a 72dpi image on export?

  1. Make sure handles are set to 3500 in Preferences.
  2. In NewDraw, Select and Group everything you want to export and proportionally scale it to 416.666%. You'll find a custom Scale dialog box in the Transform menu: Transform, Scale, Custom Scale. Enter 416.666 in both directions. Don't worry about it staying on the page, just select everything you want to export.
  3. Export it in the format that you want, using Selected Objects in the Export dialog box.
  4. When you import it to the other software package, if it is oversized, reduce it proportionally to 24% to get it back to normal size.

Why use the 416.666 multiplier?

NewDeal exports at 72dpi (screen resolution). So you have to do some arithmetic to get other resolutions. In this case, 300 [divided by] 72 [percentage] = 416.666.
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Last Modified 7 Mar 1999