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Printing to Netware under Windows 95

Here are the steps I took to enable printing on my network.
  1. Install the appropriate driver for the printer you will be using in both Windows 95 and NewDeal.
  2. In Windows 95 capture the Novell Print Queue as LPT1 (assuming you have no local printer attached).
  3. In NewDeal Preferences, select COMPUTER and set PARALLEL PORTS, LPT1: to DOS.
  4. In Windows 95, open PRINTER PROPERTIES for your printer.
  5. Click the DETAILS tab and then the SPOOL SETTINGS... button on the bottom of the dialog and set Spool Print Jobs to Start Printing After Last Page Is Spooled.
  6. Leave SPOOL DATA format on EMF then click OK.
  7. Next select PORT SETTINGS and choose Check Port State Before Printing and leave Spool MSDOS Print Jobs checked. Click OK
  8. Click OK again, and you should be ready to print!

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999