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Text Only on Laser Printer

With most laser printers, you can print documents in portrait orientation using the "Text Only (Fastest)" option and the layout and fonts will still print intact, with the fonts appropriately sized and justified. There is a considerable improvement in speed (probably about a factor of ten) compared to printing without the "Text Only" option.

Note that this applies to fonts only. Any graphics (even simple ones like lines) will be ignored in "Text Only" printing. This method does NOT work when laser printing documents set up in landscape mode (the printing comes out portrait, but the layout will be altered) and it does NOT work at all using a dot-matrix or inkjet printer. On a dot matrix or inkjet printer, Text Only mode defaults to the printer's built in font, so you must use URW Mono in 12 pt throughout your document in most cases.

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999