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Envelope Printing Tips

When designing templates for envelopes, I test print on regular sheets of paper until I get everything placed where it will print correctly.

I tie in a graphic on my letterhead with a repeat of the graphic on the envelope. I get such nice compliments about that!

When I'm writing to someone, all I need to do is go to NewDex, drag my mouse over the address, and click Edit, Copy. Then I open my addressee template, in which I've left the address selected (highlighted), and just click Edit, Paste: the new address replaces the one in the template. Or I can simply type the new name and address in the template.

Then I print my envelope and, when I exit my template file, it asks if I want to save the changes. I just click NO and the original name and address place holder remains as it was before I used the template.

Using this procedure, I can quickly drag to highlight and then change the font or style if I want. It all works in a second or two. It takes longer to describe than to perform.

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999