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Printing, Scale To Fit

When NewDeal thinks that the page being printed is too big for the paper in the printer, it displays a dialog box asking whether you want to print across multiple pages, or scale the page to fit on one piece of paper.

The Scale To Fit option is an elegant way to solve the problem of sharing documents electronically among with folks who use different printers. You can say "yes" to the Scale To Fit option and know that your printed pages will contain the same information as the printed pages of the other folks with whom you are sharing your electronic document.

If you want to avoid the Scale to Fit option, one way is to configure a NewWrite or NewDraw page for printing on a specific printer by setting the printer's default top, bottom, and side margins.

Inkjet printers and cut-sheet feeders have mechanisms that hold on to the paper while printing. This causes a minimum margin that the software attempts to take into consideration. If your document's margins are narrower than the software expects as the minimum for your printer, the Scale to Fit dialog box will appear, as it tries to save your print job from running onto a second page. If you set your top and bottom margins to 1" and you have no header or footer, you shouldn't see the Scale to Fit message in NewWrite. For NewDraw, 1/2 or 3/4" should do the trick.

The trick is to determine your particular printer's printable page area and then set it as the default.

  1. In Preferences, Printer, Default Sizes, set all margins to 0 inches.
  2. In NewDraw, set margins to zero.
  3. Draw a horizontal rectangle across the top of the page and another one all the way down the left side.
  4. Because some printers do not have equal margins, do the same for the right side and bottom; when you're done you'll have a frame around the page.
  5. Print it out and do NOT select scale to fit.
  6. When the page prints out, there will be white space around each edge, measure its width: those are your default margins for the printer when using that particular printer driver.

There are two approaches for setting the default:

  1. After testing and ensuring their effectiveness--apply the margin sizes to a new blank document and choose File, Other, Empty Document to make this the custom size of the startup blank document. Or
  2. If you use headers and footers in NewWrite, this is the preferred option. Subtract the margins from the size of the paper. The software expects minimum quarter inch margins all around, so add one half inch to the height and one half inch to the width. That's the page size. Set it in the applications' File, Other, Empty Document, or set it in Preferences, Printer, Default Sizes...

ndOptions in Release 3

Beginning with Release 3, by default NewDeal examines the document to determine its real margins and if the document will fit on the paper, it prints centered on the paper. Older versions of the software simply checked to see if there was any data within the minimum margins and, if so, put up the Scale To Fit dialog box.

The new behavior is governed by this key in the GEOS.INI file:

ndOptions = 1
To use the older minimum margin behavior, change the one to a zero:
ndOptions = 0
On some printers, the older behavior may work better when printing envelopes.

For more information, click the help (question mark) button in the Scale To Fit dialog box.

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999