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NewPlanner To Do Reminders

To Do list

To create a To Do List in NewPlanner, set up a repeating event called Things To Do (or whatever), have it repeat daily forever, but don't give it a time. NewPlanner will place the words Things To Do at the top of every day, before the start of your hourly schedule.

To add items to the list, simply place your cursor after the words Things To Do and press Return. That will take you to the next line. You can start your list there.

When you complete an event, you can select it and delete it. If you want to move your To Do list to the next day, simply select items you haven't completed and copy them to the next day's Things To Do list.

Printing your reminders

Using NewPlanner you can print a calendar with reminder notes for each day without the event time showing.

Double click on the NewPlanner icon and click on Options on the Menu bar. Select Change Preferences. In the dialog box, make sure that the Day Template and Show Empty Days options (in the Event Window Preferences section) are NOT selected. In the General Preferences section, select 'Always Show Today's date...' and 'At Midnight...'. Click on OK to exit, return to the Options menu, and click on Save Preferences.

Use the horizontal scroll bar to select the month to use and click on the first day of the month. On color monitors, the day selected will be red and it will be highlighted on a monochrome display.

From the Edit menu, select New Event (CTRL+N for keyboard users). In the Event Window, press the delete or backspace key to erase the time and move to the description box by pressing the TAB key (or by clicking in the box).

NOTE: You can type up to 7 lines of 15 characters for each event (your reminders) and, if the Page Orientation selected is Landscape, the Calendar will be printed sideways. See Page Setup in the File menu. If you want to have the dates clearly visible, press Enter on the first line in the description box and start typing on the second line.

Click on the next day you want to enter reminders for and repeat the steps in the previous paragraph. In the Calendar window, dates with reminders will now be marked with a triangle in the lower right corner.

Save the document. From the File Menu, select Print and make sure that Month and Include Events are selected in the NewPlanner Prints Options box before you start printing.

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999