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Text File Editor, Font Size

Do you find the text in Text File Editor a little small and hard to read? I do. Here's how to make it larger.
  1. Open Text File Editor (double click its icon).
  2. Open the Sizes menu.
  3. Choose on the size you'd like to use.
The default (normal) size is determined by your setting in Preferences, Look and Feel. If you'd like the text larger, try one of the larger choices. The larger the number, the larger the text.

If you increase the text size and find you can't see enough text at one time, you can always make the application larger the same way you would any window. Point your mouse at the bottom border. It will change from a pointer to a down arrow. Press and hold the left button while dragging the mouse downward. When it's the size you want, release the button. Finally, if you really want it large, you can click in the upper right hand corner to maximize it (make it full screen).

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999