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Using Scrapbook

NewDeal has an application called Scrapbook in which you can store graphics and bits of text for use at a moment's notice. With NewDeal’s Scrapbook you can store items for later use or copy items from a scrapbook to the clipboard and paste them into any appropriate document.

When you paste an item from an application to your scrapbook, you automatically add another page to the scrapbook.

To add a page to your scrapbook

  1. Within an application, copy the item to the Clipboard.
  2. Click the Scrapbook window to make it active
  3. Choose Paste from the Edit menu. The scrap appears on a new page in front of the current page. This pushes all subsequent scraps back one page.
  4. To paste the new scrap at the back of the scrapbook, behind all the scraps in the current scrapbook, choose Paste At End.
[Scrapbook on NewDraw]

Scraps can be graphics, text, spreadsheet clips, or any combinations of data that the clipboard supports. You can paste entire pages and entire documents into the Scrapbook. Layouts from NewFile pasted into Scrapbook will retain field names and orders.

Importing into Scrapbook

Scrapbook will import data in any of the formats supported by other applications. Choose Import Scrap from the File menu.

To learn more about scrapbook functions such as starting a new scrapbook, copying a scrap to another application, or importing scraps from non-NewDeal applications, refer to the chapter about Scrapbook in your NewDeal manual.

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999