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Have you ever needed to change the time of a NewPlanner entry? Ever made an entry only to discover it's under the wrong time?

You can change the time by clicking on the time field and editing it, even if the result is that everything is then out of order. The next time you open the file (after saving it, of course), all the times and entries will be automatically ordered in proper sequence.

NewPlanner both view

  1. In the View menu, choose Both and Single Month.
  2. In the Quick menu, choose This Month.
  3. Click the right-pointing arrow in the upper right corner a few times.
Gradually, you find that the month selection gets out of synch with the calendar. The reason is that each time you press the arrow, it moves forward by an increment equal to the number of DAYS in the month first selected, rather than by an actual calendar month, i.e., if your first month selected is February, each press of the right arrow will move you ahead 28 days, rather than an actual month.
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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999