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NewPlanner, Print a Calendar


When printing out the calendar, it has a set size for each day or each box. Can I change the size of the box (for printing purposes) to make it larger to encompass more events than it defaults to?


You can create larger calendars by using the Page Setup dialog box. All of the date boxes will be the same size as each other, but you can create larger calendars to encompass more events.

More event data will fit on the page if you print in landscape mode. Also, if you want to create a calendar spanning over multiple pages, calculate the document size by doing the following:

  1. Page Size accounting for margins: 8 x 10.5
    Page Width = (n x 8) + .5
    Page Height = (m x 10.5) + .5
    where the printout is n sheets wide by m sheets high.

    If you are using the DeskJet or a printer with larger margins, use this formula instead:

  2. Page Size account for margins: 8 x 10 (approx)
    Page Width = (n x 8) + .5
    Page Height =(m x 10) + .5
In case 1, a document size for a 2 sheet by 2 sheet document would be (16.5" x 21.5"), and for case 2 would be (16.5" x 20.5"). This will give you a document that fills all the paper on which it is printed.

Print Events Only

To print just events in NewPlanner:
  1. In the calendar view, select the range of dates whose events you want to print. The events will show up in events view, if you have it on.
  2. In the File menu, choose Print, then choose Event Window. It should say: "Will Print: Start Date XXXX - End Date XXXX." You get the picture.

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999