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NewDeal as a PIM

This may seem trivial, but it took me months to even discover the Express menu, so here it is for others with a "What, me read the manual?" attitude like me.

PIM means "Personal Information Manager." If you deal with people a lot, NewDeal provides some excellent tools for keeping track of people and appointments.

Set up your work area screen the way you want it. Size your NewManager window, or whatever applications you want to come up when you start NewDeal. Set up NewDex the way you prefer, then click the upper right button to make it an icon. Set up NewPlanner the way you prefer, then iconify that, too.

From now on, when you exit the software, be sure to use the Express Menu 'Exit to DOS' function. That way, you will always have your phone and address list and scheduler handy when you start up again.

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Last Modified 6 Mar 1999