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Whenever you change the configuration of your NewDeal software, the information is stored in the GEOS.INI file. When the software starts, it reads the GEOS.INI file to determine how to initialize itself, and it reads the file again later each time you start an application or use a feature that is configurable.

NewDeal does not endorse nor support editing the GEOS.INI file by hand, unless directed to do so by an authorized technical support representative. Normally, you will use Preferences and the other applications to configure your software and they will modify the GEOS.INI file for you. If you decide to edit GEOS.INI file directly, you do so at your own risk. Please do not contact NewDeal asking for help. Before modifying the file, make a backup copy. If your NewDeal software subsequently does not perform as expected or does not run properly, restore your backup copy or get a fresh, unmodified copy of the GEOS.INI file from installation disk number one.

The GEOS.INI file is a plain text file which contains categories and keys. Each category begins with a line containing the category title surrounded by square brackets. Below each title are lines containing keys for that category. Keys are in the format "name = value", where "name" is the name of the key and "value" is a number or a text string. Some keys can contain several values, in which case the values will usually appear across multiple lines surrounded by curly braces.

The information in this document is provided for informational purposes only. NewDeal system software was designed to be used on several different kinds of computers, including pen-based and handheld devices that have hardware and video displays not found in standard desktop computers. Some keys in the GEOS.INI file were intended to support those other platforms and can have unexpected results when implemented in the desktop version of the software.

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Last Modified 8 Mar 1999