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GEOS.INI: [mouse]

The [mouse] category of the GEOS.INI file defines the driver and settings for mouse support in NewDeal. These keys are usually set by the Mouse module in Preferences.

device = <name>
This key defines the mouse in use and should be set by the Preferences manager. It must be the full device name (EXAMPLE: No Idea).

driver = <filename>
This key goes with the device key and contains the file name of the driver (EXAMPLE: genmouse.geo).

info = <number>
The number specifies certain parameters for the mouse and is usually filled in automatically by the mouse driver.

port = <number>
Defines the serial port used by the mouse. Used by only some mouse drivers.

If your computer has two mice, you can create a secondMouse category. The keys are similar to those used by the [mouse] category. The easiest way to set this up is to install one mouse at a time and save your GEOS.INI file from each installation, then copy the keys from one GEOS.INI file to another and rename one of the mouse categories to [secondMouse].

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Last Modified 8 Mar 1999