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GEOS.INI: [motif options]

The [motif options] category defines options for the Motif specific user interface.

fontid = berkeley
This key specifies the font to be used in menus, dialog boxes, etc.

fontsize = <number>
This key specifies the point size of the font. Available point sizes depend on the font specified. Berkeley includes 9, 10, 12, 14 and 18 point, but 18 point is too large for proper operation.

gadgetRepeatDelay = <number>
Sets the delay between repeats for the user interface gadgets, such as the scroll bar and the range gadget. The delay is in number of ticks, or 1/60th second increments. The normal setting is 18. A lower number will increase the speed of the gadgets.

scroll arrow size = <number>
Sets the width and height of the scroll arrow. Default size is 12. Current options are 8, 10, and 12.

dark color = 8
light color = 7
active title bar color = 8
These three keys define various color settings for the system. Dark color and light color set the primary two colors used in the user interface, which are light gray and dark gray by default. Parts of the UI that are black or white will not change. Active title bar color sets the color of the title bar when the window has the focus. The available colors are:
= 0 (Black)
= 1 (Dark Blue)
= 2 (Dark Green)
= 3 (Dark Cyan)
= 4 (Dark Red)
= 5 (Dark Purple)
= 6 (Brown)
= 7 (Light Gray)
= 8 (Dark Gray)
= 9 (Light Blue)
= 10 (Light Green)
= 11 (Light Cyan)
= 12 (Light Red)
= 13 (Light Purple)
= 14 (Yellow)
= 15 (White)

lr resize border thickness = <number>
tb resize border thickness = <number>
These two keys allow custom settings of the thickness of the resize border around windows. The default is 5. Too large a value will make the software unusable.

no default ring = <true|false>
If true, default rings won't appear around reply bar buttons, and double-clicking will no longer activate defaults. Custom double-clicking (such as in the file selector) will still function.

click sounds = <true|false>
Can be set to cause audible clicking of the speaker when pressing on certain UI gadgetry.

fsSingleClickToOpen = <true|false>
If true, makes file selection boxes react to one click only.

fsStaticDriveMoniker = <true|false>
True to keep file selector's "Change Drives" popup list moniker from changing to the name of the selected drive. Defaults to false.

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Last Modified 5 Mar 1999