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GEOS.INI: [file manager]

The [file manager] category determines the configuration of NewManager.

warnings = <number>
Controls warning levels for file deletion. Set with the Options menu in NewManager.

options = <number>
Controls various options. Set with the Options menu.

StartupDrivesLocation = <number>
Controls the initial location of drive buttons. Set with the Options menu.

fontid = berkeley

fontSize = 10
Selected font for use in display file and directory names in Folder windows and Tree window.

dosLaunchers = <true|false>
Controls whether DOS Launcher functionality is present. Defaults to true.

filenameTokens = {
<filespec> = <"token",ID,"TeEd",ID>
This key allows the user to assign icons to specific DOS file names. It also allows text files to be opened by the Text File Editor. The following associations should always be included. Note that the order of the filespecs makes a difference. If *.EXE is listed before MYPROG.EXE, then *.EXE supercedes the later entry. For the correct results, list the more specific file names first and the more general wildcards later.
filenameTokens = {
*.EXE = "gDOS",0
*.COM = "gDOS",0
*.BAT = "gDOS",0
*.TXT = "FILE",0,"TeEd",0
*.DOC = "FILE",0,"TeEd",0
*.HLP = "FILE",0,"TeEd",0
* = "FILE",0,"TeEd",0

dosAssociations = {
<filespec> = <path & complete file name of DOS executable>
Allows associating DOS datafiles with DOS executables so that a particular DOS executable will be launched when a particular DOS datafile is run.


dosAssociations = {

dosParameters = {
<filespec> = <switches|question mark>
Allows passing command line parameters to DOS executables. Sometimes one executable calls another and if the latter is listed here, the argument will be passed to the first. To intentionally avoid passing an argument, set the filespec equal to "none".


dosParameters = {
WP.EXE = /r (pass /r switch when running WP)
NU.EXE = ? (display dialog box to prompt for command line switches)
BC.EXE = none (avoid passing argument to BC.EXE)
BCC.EXE = ? (prompt user for command line switches)

maxOverlappingFolders = <number>
maxFullSizedFolders = <number>
Determine the maximum number of folder windows that you can keep open at once. The recommended number of full sized folders is 3. The more folders open, the more resources are used by the file manager.

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Last Modified 5 Mar 1999