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GEOS.INI: [email]

The [email] category controls the display of information and the various features in the email client.

If a folder name, header title, or address doesn't fit in the email list display, the name is truncated and an ellipsis (...) is added. The folder column changes width proportionally based on the font size.

You can set the font and style as follows. The pointsize is based on the UI font size.

ffont = <font name>
folder font (default is UI font)

fstyle = <style #>
folder style (default is plain)

rfont = <font name>
read message font (default is UI font)

rstyle = <style #>
read message style (default is plain)

ufont = <font name>
unread message font (default is UI font)

ustyle = <style #>
unread message style (default is plain)
  • <fontname> is the font name, e.g. URW Sans
  • <style #> is combination of:
    0 - plain
    1 - underline
    16 - italic
    32 - bold
    For example:
    rfont = URW Sans
    ufont = URW Sans
    ufont = 48 (bold and italic)

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Last Modified 5 Mar 1999