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GEOS.INI: [gfs]

The [gfs] category controls the behavior of the network file system drivers, typically used only on megafile systems or ROM based devices.

drive = <name>
Specifies the name of the drive used to access the filesystem. The default is GFS. Single-letter drive names that do not conflict with existing DOS drive names are best.

file = <path>
Specifies the path of the megafile for the megafile driver only. This can be a full path including drive specifier or it can be a relative path, in which case it will be relative to the root of the disk from which the system was booted.

cache file = <absolute path>
If present, this specifies that the megafile should be cached in the given file, if the volume on which it resides is present. This is normally a local hard disk.

cache min space = <number>
Specifies the mimimum free space (in bytes) needed in order to cache the megafile.

cache copy string = <string>
Specifies the string to display to let the user know that the megafile is being cached.

bootstrapPath = <path>
Indicate that once the megafile is up and running, we want to completely forget about the bootstrap directory on the server, to reduce the network traffic that would be generated by FIND_FIRST and FIND_NEXT calls. Basically, this path will be removed from the SP_TOP list. The syntax for this path is the same as the "file=" key defined above.

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Last Modified 5 Mar 1999