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GEOS.INI: [expressMenuControl]

The [expressMenuControl] category governs the appearance and contents of the Express menu.

otherAppSubMenu = <true|false>
If true, the other applications category becomes a submenu instead of a subgroup within the Express Menu. The default is false.

floatingKeyboard = <true|false>
True adds an item to the Express menu to enable the floating keyboard, if the system supports it. The default is false. For the on-screen floating keyboard to appear, the [input] category must also contain the key noKeyboard set to true. You can control the size of the keyboard with the keyboardSize key in the [ui] category.

runSubMenu = <true|false>
True places the top level applications in the WORLD directory and the top level subdirectories in WORLD directory in a submenu. False places them directly in Express Menu. The default is true.

runningAppsSubMenu = <true|false>
True makes the list of currently running NewDeal applications a submenu. False, places it directly in Express Menu. The default is false.

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Last Modified 5 Mar 1999