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GEOS.INI: [configure]

The [configure] category sets certain advanced features in the software.

helpEditor = <true|false>
If set to true, this key enables the help editor in NewWrite. To use the help editor, you must turn it on in the Fine Tune dialog box from the Change User Levels feature. The default is false.

ndOptions = <0|1>
This key applies only to Release 3 or newer. Most printer drivers enforce a minimum margin of a quarter inch, and some enforce a minimum of a half inch on the leading and trailing edges of the paper (most inkjets, for example). If this key is set to zero, printing uses the older (version 2) behavior of displaying the "Scale To Fit?" dialog box if the page contains data within the minimum margins. If this key is set to 1, the software uses a newer behavior of sending the real margins to the spooler, instead of the minimum margins. This eliminates the Scale To Fit dialog and prints the document centered on the printable paper, if it will fit.

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Last Modified 5 Mar 1999