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Command Line Arguments

In order to provide the greatest flexibility in running NewDeal, you may invoke both LOADER.EXE with optional parameters which alter its operation. These parameters are intended for use as trouble shooting options should you encounter problems getting NewDeal to run properly.

LOADER.EXE, as its name implies, loads the NewDeal system software into memory and initiates the kernel (core routines). When invoked without any parameters (i.e. LOADER), NewDeal will run normally. When invoked with one of the parameters outlined below (e.g. "loader/nomem"), the behavior of NewDeal is altered only for that session. The change is not permanent; it does not affect the next time you run LOADER.EXE. Each parameter must be preceded by a forward slash character ('/') and must be in lower-case.

Creates a module loading progress log. The first few lines appear on-screen, and the rest is written to \PRIVDATA\GEOS.LOG. Each module message is printed before the module is loaded.
Do not use expanded or extended memory. As with the other switches, this effects the current invocation of NewDeal only.
Ignore system non-maskable interrupts such as illegal instruction, co-processor/memory parity errors, device errors on the I/O bus, and other NMI errors.
One more type of command line parameter is available, which allows you to launch NewDeal with a specific application already open and running (even if you didn't shut down that way during the previous session).

To use this parameter, you must first add lines like these to your GEOS.INI file:

iniwrite = write.ini
inidraw = draw.ini
Then create a file named WRITE.INI, which contains these lines:
Make a file like this for each program you want to directly launch when starting NewDeal. Then start NewDeal with the parameter /Pxxx where xxx is 'write' or 'draw' or whatever you have written as keyword in the GEOS.INI, but without the leading 'ini'.

Example: LOADER /Pwrite

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Last Modified 14 Mar 1999