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Icon Titles, Blue Links, and Tree View

The newest versions of NewDeal can wrap the file name titles under the icons onto two lines and can show links (like the ones installed by the NewDeal Template Pack) in blue text.

Here are the keys in the GEOS.INI file that control the two new features.

features = XXXX
where XXXX is the sum of:

32768 = display the connect icon and menu item
2 = show links in blue
1 = allow filenames to wrap

For example, my GEOS.INI file has:

features = 32771
which is all of the above.

Tree View

When using NewManager in overlapping window mode, each time you open a new directory, you get a new window. One way to avoid this window clutter, is to Show Tree Window (in the Tree menu). This will allow you to navigate to your directory of choice without opening windows for every directory along the path. When you find the directory that you want, you can double click on it in the Tree Window to open that directory. You can also move and delete whole directory structures from the Tree Window.
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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999