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The Trash Can

Did you ever think you'd find yourself reading instructions on how to use a garbage can? Well, here's how to delete a file or files in NewDeal.

You can use NewDeal to see any directory on your hard drive. Just click on the drive C: icon. You'll see a window full of file folders, one for each directory on your hard drive. Double-click on the one you want. Notice the screen changes to show you all of the files in that directory.

There are two methods to delete one or more of the files you see. The easiest way is to point your mouse at the file you wish to delete and press the RIGHT mouse button. Hold it down while moving (dragging) to the garbage can. You'll see a tiny outline of a square as you go (this is called the ghost icon). When you get to the garbage can, release the right mouse button. You'll be asked if you really want to delete the file, say yes.

The alternate method can be more useful for deleting a group of files. This time, point the mouse at the file you want to delete and click the LEFT button. The file is highlighted. If you want to delete several adjacent files, hold down the left button and drag the outline you see until it encircles all the files you want to delete. When you release the left button, all files you want to delete should be highlighted. Now click on File, then Delete -- or drag any one of the selected files to the trash can with the right mouse button (you'll see the multi-file ghost icon attached to the pointer as you do). Again you'll be asked if you really want to delete the file or files, say yes.

Remember, to use the garbage can method, you must use the RIGHT mouse button. The left one will never get you to the garbage can.

Please use care when deleting files, one wrong click can wipe out important work. If you accidently drag the wrong file to the trash can, click on the trash can and you can drag it back into your document directory or copy it back to its original location. Once you shut down NewDeal, however, the trash can is automatically emptied and all the files are gone for good.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999