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Designing Fill-in Forms

A customer wanted to make template forms in NewWrite where you could just tab from one entry area to another and have the font size and style decided before hand in each space, but couldn't figure out how to specify where the fill in goes and how to tab to it.

One part of it is not possible in NewWrite: expecting to tab over to the next location and have its font characteristics be different from the last location.

One work around is to create text boxes and insert some dummy data. Place three or five hyphens (assigned an attribute of white) in each text box. The user then just double clicks in the box and types. The text box must be stretched to the right size or you'll get word wrap. Then, instead of tabbing, you just mouse-click your way through the form.

In NewWrite or NewDraw you can use the text tool to set up the fill-in text areas. Type a space (or the white hyphens as mentioned above) in the font, size, and style you want. Then switch to the pointer, grab the side handle and stretch to the length of the maximum line that will be typed. When filling in, just click to position the insertion point and type.

Some other possibilities

You could design your forms in NewFile, where you can use the TAB key to move from one field to the next and where you can assign a different font, size, and style to each field. While this sort of thing is impossible (or nearly so) in most word processors, it is the basic way things work in NewFile. You get from one field to the next with the TAB or ENTER keys and each field has its own size and font characteristics, which are set up when the database is designed.

Or you could design the forms in NewCalc, where you can move from field to field with the arrow keys. Whether that'll work depends on the specific design and layout of your form.

If you're using several different fonts, sizes, and styles, you might use style sheets while designing your forms.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999