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Using Templates for Multiple Configurations

I frequently use NewDraw in landscape mode, which is where a standard page is turned on its side.

You can change the starndard portrait page to landscape by opening the File menu, choosing Page Size, and then either choosing A size (US Letter Rotated) or by selecting the landscape icon in the page layout section.

That is a lot of steps to go through everytime I want to open a new drawing. There is an easier way. I set up a blank document in landscape mode, then opened the File menu, chose Other, then Save as Template.

Now, whenever I want to use landscape mode, I can choose Template instead of New when I open NewDraw. I then select the template I made for Landscape mode.

You can do this for any basic configuration you use often, and you can configure almost any aspect of the document you desire. Page size, orientation, margins, borders, and tool colors, just to name a few. And you can do the same for NewWrite documents, spreadsheets and databases, too.

You can make a template from any document you make, at any point in its creation, to use as a starting point for later documents.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999