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Presentation Slides Tip

I originally intended to use NewDeal to print to a Palette Plus/Digital Palette slidemaker, but I didn't have enough time to get it together, so I set up a slideshow using the shareware edition of NewDeal.

I made all my figures in NewDraw on my home computer. Then copied each panel to NewWrite. I gave each slide a descriptive filename, preceded by a number. Because NewDeal can sort files by name, I named the first slide "25 Title Slide" and the last slide "01 Conclusion Slide." Then I opened all the slides.

NewWrite opened the slides in numerical order. I switched from one slide to another by using CTRL+F6. This keypress causes the slides to be displayed in the opposite order from which they were opened, so they were in their proper sequence.

I loaded the shareware version onto my boss's laptop (a Gateway 386sx) and loaded the slides as described. To increase the display area, I disabled rulers, scroll bars, and toolbars. This impressed my boss, whose word processor doesn't provide this feature. Then I connected the laptop to an LCD overhead projection panel for displaying in the lecture room.

I ran my talk using CTRL+F6 to switch slides. This worked well, and my presentation was well received. Color graphics, including imported .GIF files of protein structures, displayed quite well.

I may rescale my slides to fit inside the frame of the Scrapbook application, so I can switch slides using the mouse button, making it possible to stand away from the computer for my presentation.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999