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Math Equations

You can write almost any math equation, with almost any symbol, with ease, in NewDraw or in the draw layer of NewWrite. Using symbols drawn and sized in NewDraw, you can later paste the equation into the text layer of a multi-paged NewWrite document. You might want to save your created symbols in Scrapbook for future use and, when needed, just cut and paste the appropriate symbols and fill in the rest.

Near the back of your user manual there is a chart of available symbols. Another way to see all the symbols is to use the Character Map application. You might have to use a font other than URW Roman font. Check the URW SymbolPS font for some additional math symbols. Since you can draw lines, arcs, angles, and re-size symbols in Write you don't have to use Draw, but it is usually easier to set up an equation as a graphic.

The snap to grid function is a big help.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999