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Express Menu and Running Apps Window

Express Menu In Motif

NewDeal software allows you to switch among your running applications or start a new application from within your current application without returning to the World folder by using the Express menu. The express menu appears when you click the Express button located at the top left corner of any NewDeal application window when using the Motif User Interface (available in Preferences, Change UI).

[Express Menu]

To start an application using the Express menu

  1. Click the Express button.
  2. Click [start an application]. A submenu will appear with a list of applications and folders.
  3. Click the name of the application you would like to start or
  4. Click one of the folders and choose an application from the submenu that appears.
For more on starting and exiting NewDeal Applications refer to your manual.

Express Menu In NewUI

If you've chosen NewUI from the Change UI module in Preferences, then the Express menu appears at the left end of the task bar.

Running Apps Window

If you're using NewUI and NewDesk, there's another way to see which applications are running and to switch among them. Just press both mouse buttons at the same time (or press Ctrl+Alt+Esc) and a list of all running applications will appear. If you have difficulty pressing both mouse buttons at the same time, hold down the left mouse button while you press and release the right button. To switch to an application on the list, double click it (or choose it with the Arrow keys on your keyboard and press Enter to select it). To dismiss the Running Apps Window, close it like any other window.
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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999