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Document File Names

The DOS file names of your NewDeal document files must end in 3-digit numbers.

If you are downloading or otherwise manipulating a NewDeal document file via its DOS filename, you can change the filename to whatever you want and NewDeal will recognize it by its original NewDeal 32-character filename as long as the DOS filename has a 3-digit number for its extension.

For example, take the sample NewDraw document Small Business Report, whose DOS filename is BUSINESS.000, and rename it any of the following: BUSINESS.123, BIZ.999, or FOOBAR.222.

NewDeal will continue to recognize it by the name Small Business Report. In fact, you can end up with several files in the same directory all named Small Business Report but with different DOS filenames.

The names BUSINESS.XXX or BUSINESS.3, however, will cause the file to show up with a drab DOS icon and render it unusable for its NewDeal application until you rename it from DOS with a 3-digit extension.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999