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Commodore GEOS and NewDeal

The easiest way to convert files from Commodore GEOS to NewDeal or PC format is to use the program from the German GEOS Users Group named GEOS64CE.ZIP. This program runs on the PC.

Before you can use GEOS64CE, you must use Bill Coleman's Convert 2.5 program (available from most Commodore BBS's and online forums) to convert the Commodore GEOS files from the proprietary Commodore GEOS (VLIR) format to regular Commodore SEQuential format.

Next, you move the SEQ files from the Commodore to the PC. This can be done using Big Blue Reader (a commercial program for the Commodore which allows Commodore 1571 or 1581 disk drives to read and write to IBM-type floppy disks)--or you can use a null modem cable to move the files from one machine to the other--or you can upload the files from the Commodore to your local BBS and then download them to the PC.

Third, you run GEOS64CE on the PC to convert the files. It detects what kind of Commodore GEOS file you have brought over and converts it accordingly. Commodore geoWrite files are converted to ASCII, geoPaint and PhotoAlbum files are converted to .PCX for importing to NewDraw or Scrapbook.

Here are some other ways to convert files from the C= to the PC, besides the German converter.

A tip: Do NOT "open" the resulting geoPaint file before doing the conversion process. Since a geoPublish file can be larger than a geoPaint file, if you "open" the file in geoPaint, some of the bottom of the page may be lost. If you don't open the file it will contain ALL of the geoPublish page. Now, you have a geoPaint file that can be converted to PC format by any of the three methods mentioned above: the German converter, Jim Collette's converter, or MacAttackII.
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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999