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ZSoft Fonts and Public Domain Fonts

In 1992, fonts from a commercial package named Soft Fonts published by ZSoft company were discovered on BBS's and online services around the world. The font files appeared in both Type 1 and Newdeal formats and were purported to be in the Public Domain. In most cases the fonts were still named with the original ZSoft names.

They are definitely not in the public domain and were soon removed from the bulletin boards and online services where they appeared.

Here is the complete list of fonts included with ZSoft's SoftType package. Also included are the names of the NewDeal equivalents where applicable, or the industry standard names (marked with ==) if ZSoft didn't use them.

American Uncial [P] (Guinevere)
Antique Olive [P,B]
Baskerville [P,B,I] (Holmes)
Blippo (Circle Black)
Bodoni [P,I]
Brush Script (Fuller Script)
Schoolbook [P,B,I,BI] (Cranbrook)
Cooper [B,BI] (Cooperstown)
Courier [P,B,I] (URW Mono)
Eurostile [P,B] (Aero Extended)
Flora [P,B]
Fusion [P,B] (== Futura)
Galaxy [P,B]
Garamond [P,I,B,BI]
Goudy Old Style [P,I,B] (Galopin)
Kaufmann [B] (Cursive)
Latin Wide
Mariage (Marquis)
News Gothic [P,B]
Old Town (Dodge City)
Palacio (== Palatino)
Park Avenue (Shattuck Avenue)
Roissy (== Frutiger)
Roman [P,I,B,BI] (URW Roman)
Sans [P,B] (URW Sans)
Stencil (Army)

P = Plain
B = Bold
I = Italic

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999