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Organizing Your Fonts

Here is how I've organized fonts for myself (I have over 300 fonts converted to NewDeal format).

I've created several subdirectories inside my \FONT subdirectory, like \FONT\ML (for fonts from MicroLogic) and \FONT\PD (for freeware fonts I've downloaded and converted) and \FONT\ND (for the NewDeal font pack fonts), etc.

I started out fresh a couple months ago with only the original fonts that come with the NewDeal software in my \FONT subdirectory. I put all my other fonts inside the extra subdirectories I had created inside \FONT, where they are not accessible to Newdeal.

As I go along in my work and decide to use a font that I've got stored in one of my subdirectories, I use NewManager to move it up to the \FONT directory by dragging it and dropping it on the Up One Level button (the button near the top left of NewManager just below the menu bar, with the picture of a folder on it and an arrow pointing upward).

Then I exit Newdeal and restart to make the system recognize the new font I have added.

I now have about 60 of my fonts moved up to active status, the ones I expect to use the most. I figure it might be a year or more before I will have moved enough of them up to active status that I need to be concerned about having too many in there again.

I don't want to delete any of the fonts I have, because someday I might want one of them, but there are many of them that it seems unlikely that I will actually ever use, like the Math fonts or some of the unusual display or headline fonts. So those can sit in the extra subdirectories I've created for the time being.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999