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NewDeal Font Names

Below is a list of some NewDeal font names and the corresponding standard names. Note that the word standard is a loose-fitting term, as there are different versions of fonts that are very similar but not identical, as well as fonts that are identical but don't have the same name.

I'll take this opportunity to also note which fonts are CAPs only, that is, they do not have lowercase letters. When users type lowercase letters in these fonts, they will get the corresponding uppercase letter. These fonts are marked with a C.

Font Names
NewDeal Name Standard Name
URW Roman Times Roman or Dutch
URW Sans Helvetica or Swiss
URW Mono Courier
URW SymbolPS Symbol
Cranbrook Century Schoolbook
Shattuck Avenue Park Avenue
Cooperstown Cooper Black
Superb Broadway
Sather Gothic Franklin Gothic
Guinevere (C) American Uncial
Cartoon (C) Balloon
Circle Black Blippo Black
Fuller Script Brush Script
Liberty (C) Liberty
Aero Extended Eurostile Extended
Flick Bold Flange Bold
Alfredo Heavy Goudy Heavyface
Vagabond Hobo
Cursive Kaufmann or Kauflinn
Art Nouveau Arnold Boecklin
Canterbury Old English or Chaucer
Dodge City Old Town No. 536 or Old Towne
Army (C) Stencil
Callalily Vivaldi or Vivante
Tubular VAG Rundschrift or VAG Rounded
Holmes Baskerville Handcut
Lara Commercial Script
Pondeur Stone Sans Medium
Funte Le Griffe
Marquis Mariage
Occidental University Roman
Van der Rohe Bauhaus Light
Elizabethian Edwardian Light
Matchbook (C) Machine Medium
Galleria (C) Plaza Regular
Hastings Berkeley Old Style
Lewellyn Chelmsford
Cimier Copperplate Bold
Galopin Goudy Old Style
Ping Pong Dingbats or Zapf Dingbats
Aubade Avante Garde Gothic
Greenville Galliard
Pedigree Panache Book
Note: In the Guinevere font, the accented i shows the accent on the bottom of the letter, not the top. In the Guinevere and Army fonts, there's no dotless i or German sharp s. Right or wrong, these are the way the fonts came from Digital Typeface Corporation.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999