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Fonts and Text Effects

A wide variety of text effects can be achieved by using the tools available within NewDraw or NewWrite, including:

  1. Character width
  2. Text stretching, horizontally
  3. Text stretching, vertically
  4. Text skewing
  5. Text rotation (1 degree increments)
  6. Outline text (hollow effect)
  7. 3D Text, any direction (use the Multi- and Custom-Duplication tools)
  8. Shadowed text, any direction
  9. Patterned text (use Paste Inside)
  10. Embossed text
  11. Raised text (opposite of embossed)
  12. RGB text color
  13. RGB background color

There are probably additional text effects which can be accomplished. You can output to 300 dpi bitmap using the Area Attributes, Draw Mode options, proportionally resizing all elements in the effect to 416.666%, and then exporting (this creates a 300 dpi bitmap).

There are only two text effects we know of which cannot be achieved:

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999