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QUESTION: I'm trying to set up a mailing label layout. However, even though I change the page size in single record mode to under 1" high and make sure it is narrower than the TRUE paper size and page size in multi-record, it still only shows one little record in multi-record mode. What's wrong?

ANSWER: It's not good enough to simply "make sure it is narrower than the TRUE paper size." You need to do the same math on the width that you do on the height. If you did and it still didn't work out, then maybe you changed the page size, not the record size.

For instance, if your labels are going to be 3-1/2" wide, you need to make the single record size 3-1/2" wide. This means you need to shorten the field boxes manually. Probably the best way to do this is to go into NewDraw and make yourself a temporary template to size, let's say 3/4" x 3-1/2" if that's the size, and paste it into NewFile to help you size the fields lengthwise.

Some tips for labels:

  1. Set up at least two layouts. The first layout is your primary database layout, complete with field labels. It doesn't matter what size the field boxes are here; you can leave them defaulted. Use this layout for data entry.
  2. On the second layout, just port over your fields. Then, delete the field labels, unless you need them for some reason (if you do, you have to take them into account when figuring if you can have a double row of labels on the page).
  3. Next, resize the field boxes to your label template, set single record size and switch to multi-record layout. Now, you should see a double column of labels.
  4. Note that there are two parts to the multi-record template. The thicker lines outline the actual single records, the thinner lines outside this area are the multi-record template boundaries. These boundaries can be moved inward to make room for text or art graphics.
Here's yet another tip for spacing lines on a label: after you've made the field boxes the correct size, select them all and use Align/Distribute to close up the space between them.
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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999