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NewFile Combine Fields For Labels

Someone asks:

I'm trying to get a "Full_Name" field for some labels to include the fields "First" and "Last." Would this be considered a "calculated" field or a "general/text" field? And how many of those "&" symbols do I really need?

A NewFile guru replies:

Full_Name would be a calculated field with this expression:
That should do it. It can be confusing to use carriage returns inside a concatenated field, so I recommend that you use a different field for each line of your label layout.

Since NewFile doesn't have a global recalculation feature, you'll need to edit the FIRST_NAME or LAST_NAME field in each existing record to force the calculation to take place, of course. New records will be calculated when they are created. If your database doesn't have extensive layout work, you could export the data to NewCalc, add the calculated field there, where it will be recalculated automatically, and then import the data back into NewFile.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999