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NewFile Layout and Search Tips

Reusable Layouts in NewFile

I have found that layouts can be copied to the Scrapbook and saved. These layouts can then be pasted back into a database and as long as the field names match, all the fields will be intact.

Since you can't import data into an existing database, just import your data and then copy and paste your layouts from the Scrapbook. You can save the layouts to NewDraw, but the field definitions get lost, so use Scrapbook which preserves them instead.

Search formulas, how to save them

Use the Text File editor to store and create complex database formulas so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to do a data search in NewFile. Create a text file called SEARCH.TXT in your database directory. When you open the NewFile Mark By Formula menu and create a complex search formula open up the SEARCH.TXT file, highlight the formula and copy or drag and drop it to the SEARCH.TXT file. Add a description, if you like, so you can quickly remember what the forumula does.

When you need the formula again, open SEARCH.TXT and drag and drop it back into the Mark by Formula dialog in NewFile.

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Last Modified 2 Mar 1999